Friday, March 8, 2013

Dan Flavin and Donald Judd @ David Zwirner

New David Zwirner space, because clearly their current space is way to small. This space has opened, and subtly, with a two-leveled (yes, there are two floors) show of Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, because again, David Zwirner is subtle, understated, in no way trying to prove they have a bigger penis than Gagosian. With the closing of D'Amelio Gallery and the Bloomberg story on the unsustainability of Chelsea for mid sized galleries, it’s nice to know that Zwirner and Gagosian can pick up the slack. Eventually all of Chelsea will be one continuous condo lobby next to the highline with a Zwirner-Gagosian gallery selling art out of it. As for the art, it’s Judd and Flavin. What’s not to like? But I would like to quote my dad after he and my stepmom went to Marfa, “You know, I never cared for minimalism, but when you see it out there against the desert tumbleweed, its pretty cool.”

Through Mar. 16th


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