Friday, March 8, 2013

Corey Escoto, Volume for Volume @ Regina Rex

Well, I thought Adam Parker Smith at Storefront was the show of the year for Brooklyn, but I guess calling it a year, a month in, was premature, so just when the Adam Parker Smith show was wrapping up, bam, Corey Escoto happens at Regina Rex. Month two of 2013, we have the new show of the year unless of course something good happens in the next ten months. But wow, the show was great. First off, it was a wonderful example of a photo sculpture or, as I hope to copyright, scupltography (originally coined by Christine Rogers). Sculptography in the nineties meant you put a 4x6 in it ala Rachel Harrison, or you made a house out of glass negatives ala the guy who did that. But this was what sculpture that deals with photography should be. There was an upside-down plant attached to a similar right side up plant hanging over a mirror in front of a small built-out gray wall with a slight incline in front of an entire wall with a slight incline painted the same gray. Creating a view of duplication on top of duplication or in real time, the intellectual construct of photography. It was tight and looked awesome. Not to mentioned some crazy collaged polaroids that looked impossible. Their polaroid format made the images look immediate, but visually, they were highly messed with, using some skilled photo trickery that I still don’t fully get. There was a short, wide pedestal holding a house of cards made from pieces of glass with images on them, which was okay, but the pedestal featured a subtle, hot pink glow on the space between the pedestal and the wall. It was small and hardly noticeable, but rad, once you caught it, the kind of little detail, creating meaning, that is the lifeblood of good photography. Again a smart, visually stunning show, dedicated to one person making photography-based work. I was pumped, and hats off to Regina Rex to continuously killing it and doing solo shows. It’s the kind of thing Brooklyn needs more of.

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