Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Carrie Yamaoka, Stripped.Striated.Poured & Kari Soinio @ Storefront Bushwick

After their amazing Adam Parker Smith show, I wanted to give Storefront a pass for a while, but they did give a photographer a solo show albeit in the Project Space, and that is such a rarity in Brooklyn I felt compelled to write at least write a little something. Kari Soinio is not bad, just odd. The photographs are out of focus urban landscapes with nice light, presented as if they were hallway mirrors. I’d like to think it was a reference to Snow White mythology, “Mirror, mirror on the wall who has the fairest New York real-estate market of them all?” Not sure what to make of the photographs, but the show was paired with Carrie Yamaoka’s shiny monochrome paintings, just shiny surfaces from what I remember, better than the photographs, but they fell flat for me, not much to latch onto beside of the shiny surface. That being said, shiny paintings lacking a lot in the way of color, do make sense with the colorful mirror photographs. I appreciate Storefront giving a solo show to a photographer in Brooklyn, but it really would have been more effective as a two person show with the paintings and photographs interspersed and allowed to play off each other more.

Through Apr. 14th


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