Monday, January 14, 2013

Robert Strati @ Robert Henry Contemporary

Robert Henry’s curatorial mission seems to rigorously indulge it taste in obsessive drawings, this singular focus has become a real strength. I find myself thinking about how each show fits into the gallery’s vision. When running a quality gallery, I imagine the question must often arise, how do you account for your taste with out letting the shows become repetitive and stale. Robert Strati’s work fits in very nicely with Robert Henry’s overall vision. His large schematic drawings of incomprehensible machines are enjoyable in their precision, skilled in their bluish palate, and work well with some of the gallery’s earlier science-based shows. But the real star is the delicate and peculiar wire and tape (?) sculptures that are reminiscent of blimp-manufacturing ephemera from a scientist in a Terry Gilliam movie. The sculptures are intricate, very line based and feature balloons with the lines going from the two-dimensional to three. This makes the large drawings feel less theoretical and more practical. The transformation from the potential of the drawings the practicality of the sculptures is a lot of fun, and it certainly moves forward the artistic vision Robert Henry Contemporary has been developing.

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