Monday, January 14, 2013

Albert Watson, Vintage Photographs Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Cyclops @ Hasted Kraeutler

Man, Hasted could be the worst gallery in Chelsea. Yet another show of god-awful photographs of nudes and celebrities. At this point, I would be psyched if they had a show of nothing but the funny kitten pictures my aunt forwards me (note to self curate show of funny cat pictures forwarded by relatives). I understand people need to make a living and if you’re a commercial photographer, nudes and celebrities certainly has to be where the money is, but adding a sepia hue on them hasn’t been artistic since the 1870’s, and it certainly doesn’t make the pictures art. Instead, it’s embarrassing editorial work, with no place in society other than masturbation material for teens and repressed adults.

Through January 19th


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