Monday, August 6, 2012

The Perfect Storm @ Julie Saul Gallery

There is something completely unforgivable about making bad art that touches on human tragedy. Lori Nix, Tom Berenz, and Bill Jacobson should be ashamed and should really consider making art out of more benign subject matter. The newsworthy stories just aren’t helping their art. The work is empty and contrived. The least they can do is leave the real world alone. I am not trying to moralize. I am all for bad taste, offensiveness, and inappropriateness in my art, just do it well. Soft focus photographs, semi-abstract paintings and more pictures of miniatures just aren’t good art and tying the images to real world tragedies trivializes the tragedies for the service of forgettable art. On the upside, there are nice photographs by Philip-Locra diCorcia, Sarah Anne Johnson and a pretty great picture of a plane cutting across giant clouds / plumes of smoke by Karin Apollonia Muller.

Through Aug 17th


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