Monday, August 6, 2012

Lizzi Bougatsos, Michael DeLucia, Lizzie Fitch, David Gilbert, Robert Overby, Andra Ursuta @ Andrea Rosen Gallery

And so it begins, the summer of our malaise, as the group shows sweep on in. On the upside, Andrea Rosen isn’t arguing that their show has any really theme. It’s just some work they’re involved in. Oh, and it might have something to do with “the differences between three-dimensional space and two-dimensional representation…” My money is on an extra dimension.

David Gilbert does have an okay photograph of a dark purple space featuring a readymade sculpture. Also of note is Lizzie Fitch’s assemblage of real fence posts (industrial vampire stakes?) with an image of a handsaw. So I guess describing the show as a slacker investigation of the artistic relationship to space is a fair. It’s just a shame no one expects more from Andrea Rosen Gallery.

Through Aug 31st


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