Wednesday, August 29, 2012

B-Out @ Andrew Edlin Gallery

After Scott Hug’s wonderful and restrained work at Rawson Projects, I was downright amazed at his over the top group show at Andrew Edlin. The show is hung like a malleable friend in Bushwick, where work is hung wall to wall, so much so that the image list is the size of a small phone book. The gallery is so packed that it’s hard to call what Hug has done curating, as much as installation art. Hug doesn’t allow any one piece of art shine nearly as much as the dizzying space that has been created from the checked floor to the bright blue walls. Even turning the gallery’s awkward hallway into a series of mini-shows, including a room of wall-to-wall, sloppily painted rainbow stripes and a room of black and white portraits of notable people. To truly appreciate the show, just walk a block over to David Zwirner’s severely austere Humming Bee show. Hug’s exhibit of a hundred-plus artists in half the space is a jarring, but welcome break from the series of uneventful Chelsea summer group shows.

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