Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christian Vogt, The Flaxen Diary, 2003-2011 and Tree’s Own, 2011 @ Rick Wester Fine Art

Every time I’ve been to Rick Wester, I feel they’re in the process of installing / deinstalling, but I guess going into the 511 building you assume that you are going to see art in what is a glorified office space. When I went to see the Christian Vogt show, a handsome man in his early forties who I am gonna assume was Rick Wester sat at the desk in the center right of the gallery monitoring a real time art auction by Du Phere of Next Big Star Fame on his computer. I did seem to break his focus, but it struck me as almost a performance piece for Vogt’s pictures of attractive and occasionally naked people frolicking in tastefully plush settings.

Vogt’s work has a formal reserve that reels in the frolicking and creates a placed and exacting frame, which makes the viewer feel like a participant more lucid and controlled then the rest of the party. I couldn’t help but imagine the well-dressed man behind the desk as the ideal image of the photographer on the other side of the camera, constantly surrounded by attractive thirty-something women in the Hamptons. Leaving me feeling that my life as an artist up to now hadn’t been all I would have hoped for.

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