Sunday, April 8, 2012

Architectural Musings Recent Paintings by David Collins & James Isherwood @ Susan Eley Fine Art

I do very much love James Isherwood’s paintings, each one a weird little abstract narrative about the lives that inhabit large, modernist glass buildings with direct access to some unfettered coastline. His paintings are almost always based on a palate that can best be described as night or the moments just before or after night falls on the houses that exist in a perpetually dizzying array of texture and semi abstractions. The paintings give the view of an outsider pondering their contents or, like most of us, having a hard time imagining what it would take to find ourselves inside such stylish luxury. Isherwood’s works find a good match in David Collins’s abstract paintings, where heavy use of horizontal lines mirror the every present homes in Isherwood’s paintings, like building materials in a tornado or blueprints gone awry. As enjoyable as the paintings are, it is enjoyable to see them in the space at Susan Ely with its exposed brick, fire place and hardwood floors in a ridiculously affluent residential neighborhood. Does add an extra layer of meaning especially to Isherwood’s already loaded architectural paintings.

Through Apr. 15th


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