Sunday, April 8, 2012

The AIPAD Photography Show New York @ The Park Avenue Armory

Like every good zombie movie, when the dead outnumber the living, you’re in trouble. AIPAD should just call itself what it is, a convention of print dealers. The show is a high-end baseball card show, with little interest in art and contemporary photography. If it wasn’t for the mini Philip-Lorca diCorcia retrospective in David Zwirner’s booth and the occasional pleasant surprises peeking out from between the endless stream of black and white pictures of naked woman and turn of the century landscapes, I would be ready to declare the medium all but dead. But as the case maybe, we have a large hulking zombie stumbling dumbly around hoping to feed on our brains until we are a hapless, drooling mess.

People who were nice surprises at AIPAD

Christian Vogt @ Rick Wester Fine Art

Andrew Borowiec @ Sasha Wolf Gallery

Ryan Weideman @ Bruce Silverstein

Jorn Vanhofen @ Robert Mann Gallery

Philipp Scholz Rittermann @ Scott Nichols Gallery

Kevin Cooley @ Scott Nichols Gallery

Already Down


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