Saturday, March 31, 2012

Black and White, (and Re(a)d All Over) @ Bogart Salon

It is nice to see Angela Strassheim’s elegant black and white crime scene photographs out and about again since their debut at Marvelli Gallery. If you missed them, the pictures are taken under a black light and with a forensic liquid that illuminates where blood has hit a surface. Without the purple glow of TV CSI scenes, the pictures almost read as if someone had snuck into unsuspecting people’s homes and made invisible splatter art in their living rooms. Of late, Strassheim has been pairing with great effect the black and white crime scene work with color photographs of bright suburban homes where I assume the bloody interiors are located. It’s a shame the show didn’t include more exteriors. The exhibit also featured work by Brian Gaman, Don Hamerman, and Andy Graydon, none were was all that exciting, but nonetheless it is nice to see Strassheim’s pictures up in Brooklyn.


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