Tuesday, January 10, 2012

September 11 @PS1

Walking in to the sound track of The Patriot, a George Segal piece and a huge pile of black dust, it was hard not to worry that the show was going for an overly somber, Jonathan Safran Foer manipulative tearjerker. But then you get a large, green minimalist swath of Ellsworth Kelly’s art via collage replacing The World Trade Center site, and you start to get a more edgy show. An exhibition where a wonderful edit of John Pilson’s occasionally dry black and white office interiors shot within spitting distance of the towers is pared glibly with a William Eggleston picture of a hand stirring a drink with warm daylight streaming through an airplane window. Or an entire room turned over to Jeremy Deller’s recreation of George Bush’s ill-fated “Mission Accomplished” banner, a piece that got an audible giggle out of me. There is some overly plaintive Alex Katz landscape painting, but otherwise, it is a very well crafted show that deals with 9/11 in a direct manner that is rather refreshing, and the show is certainly the kind of thing that is hard to imagine appearing at MOMA.

Through Jan 9th
PS1 (22-25 Jackson Ave. @ 46th Ave. Long Island City, NY)


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