Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monica Cook, Volley @ Postmasters

I am not sure what is going on in this show. Having seen Cook’s more figurative paintings in the past, I would not have predicted her work to have gone so sci-fi. The show stars life-size sculptures of falling-apart, monkey-looking creatures who could have come right out of the Planet of The Apes a thousand years after a nuclear war. The sculptures are first rate and have an attention to detail and color palate that goes past something you might see from a sci-fi production team. The sculptures are also featured in an impressive video where a nuclear monkey from the future impregnates a mate and then gets killed by a wolf before the cycle of life can be completed. As impressive as the sculptures and video are, the standouts of the show are the photographs, which speak volumes to their photographic quality. The best of the images is a translucent monkey getting florescent lava poured on it, in a day glow setting. The Monkey’s eyes are so lifelike that I spent the rest of the video trying to figure out if the heads were actually masks with people hiding inside. An odd but well done show.

Through Feb. 11th


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I find these photoshops of the first lady tasteless.

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