Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gregory Halpern, A @ Clamp Art

Straight off getting listed in Alec Soth’s top twenty photography books of the year, Halpern debuts a nice little body of work with only one minor problem. The pictures are curated into a group of random but attractive pictures (like the young people like to do). It makes his rather straight forward work feel more cutting edge, but the openness in the edit makes the work vague. A burnt-out teepee structure, two beams forming a triangle as they hold up a Greek revival building, a guy with an A tattooed on his chest and the show being titled A, I immediately started looking and seeing all kinds of possible A’s in the pictures. But the show is not, in fact, about the appearance of the letter A in the world, but about the artist’s travels into the rust belt of America (starts with an….). But from the edit of these little close-up moments, an (A shaped) piece of glass on the ground, raccoons eating garbage, and trash on fire, it’s hard to see it as anything but a nice group of pictures (that have an A in them somewhere?).

Through Feb. 11th


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