Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Esko Mannikko @ Yancey Richardson Project Gallery

Unfortunately Mannikko has been sent to the back room, I assume until the economy turns around or he gets dropped. On the upside, it isn’t a show of closeups of horse eyes. It’s just Mannikko being Mannikko, with his pictures of solitary men in dilapidated rooms looking like they are waiting out a barren winter. As always, he delivers very effective straightforward photography. Work that makes me long to travel to a rural part of Finland or at least watch an episode of NOVA on a rural part of Finland. Even more important, the continued intimacy of the pictures not only gives a sense of what life is like there but also create an image of the photographer as inhabiting a similar existence. I guess if Sharon Core subsidizes the occasional Mannikko show, Yancey Richardson Gallery isn’t all-bad.

Through Dec 23rd 
Yancey Richardson (535 W 22nd St. 3rd Fl. Btw. 10th & 11th Aves)


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