Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Andres Gursky, Bangkok / Oceans @ Gagosian Gallery

Move some product at $4.5 million and you get to be in Gagosian’s old masters wing. The Bangkok series is made up of large pictures of dark water with no horizon and with debris that is poorly photoshopped, while images of the Oceans series are images that are photoshopped-together satellite pictures of oceans (and some where Vic Muniz is preparing a copyright suit over the use of scale).

I apologize for holding Gursky responsible for the press release, but he is hitting some real rap star status. He apparently found inspiration for his Oceans series “On a flight from Dubai to Melbourne, Australia, (he) began watching the flight-path program. Suddenly he saw the graphic representation – which depicts the edges and tips of sharply delineated land masses with wide blue expanses of ocean between – as a picture.” Then on the G4, Gursky, T-Struth, Cyhi Da Prince, DJ Demand and Big Sean smoked some fine Kush and hit some purple while debating the merits of the new line of Hublots.

It is still a little depressing to think that not only did Gursky need to have a photograph sell at $4.5 million to end up at Gagosian but he also had to put up work that is either silky abstractions or large size maps. It is hard to even call the show art, as much as very expensive wallpaper. But I guess we all have to make a living.

Through Dec 17th
Gagosian Gallery (522 W 21st St. Btw. 10th & 11th Aves.)


Anonymous said...

Gursky has had much greater achievements that selling a photo for 4.5million or showing with gagosian. How about a retrospective at Moma? or changing the way we look at photography forever?

Carl Gunhouse said...

Your not wrong on the MOMA thing I agree but on a more market level clearly the MOMA show only lifted him to a certain level of gallery prestige. But changing the way we look at photo how so? Maybe an acceptance of scale? But not sure how he has changed how we see photography.

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