Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amy Elkins, Elegant Violence @ Yancey Richardson Project Space

It is always odd to see European sports stars with their fashionable uniforms, which have none of the dated romanticism or bad 90’s design of American sport teams. You can almost imagine them in the locker room reading Chaucer and smoking pipes while Brahms plays gently in the background. That is until you actually meet a European and the fantasy of an enlightened class of people with their diverse parliamentary governments, national healthcare and aversion to us invading other countries comes crashing down to earth. I assume this is what Elkins hoped the viewer might find in her overly formal portraits of bruised rugby players. But if you already know some Europeans or just watched the World Cup in a bar, you might just see a less skilled revision of Rineke Dijkstra’s pictures of bull fighters, women who have just given birth or for that matter any of Rineke Dijkstra’s picture from the 90’s. Which makes me wonder what ever happened to Dijkstra? Her later video work of teenagers at raves seemed so promising.

Through Oct. 22nd


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