Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Steven Brahms @ 3rd Ward

I have to say it is refreshing to know that when the end of days comes so many young hip interesting people will survive and by the looks of Brahms’ photographs they will live on through a great deal of intensity and ingenuity, not often associated with their ilk. Hipster jokes aside, it is a very solid debut for Brahams. The work mixes well-crafted landscape photographs of wooded vistas inhabited by the hippy end of the hipster spectrum, along with young men making floatation devices and wrapping insulation around themselves in preparation for the times when L stops running and Papes Blue Ribbon is traded like currency. Sorry, it’s just too easy. The real star of the show is the large grid of pictures of Asian men running desperately through emptied-out modern landscapes creating a dramatic narrative that is both convincing and self-contained.

Already down
3rd Ward (195 Morgan Ave., Btw. Meadow & Stagg Sts. Brooklyn)


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