Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ReGeneration 2 @ Aperture Gallery

It’s hard not to wish that the ReGeneration 2 show took on some greater purpose then simply showcasing photographers who are recent MFA graduates. Is it too much to ask for the curators to take some kind of stand on something, like where they think photography is going? Or the effect the proliferation of MFA programs is having on the arts? Or even photography’s relationship to current events? Anything more than what we have, which is a large selection of respectable photographs that cover every possible corner of the medium to no greater effect than acknowledging they exist. As with any large survey, there are standouts like Jen Davis, Christine Callahan, Shane Lavalette and Dru Donavon, but most of the work in the show feels safely packed into an all-too- familiar photographic genre. Which for a show of recent MFA graduates is understandable. Still, one has to imagine that each of these programs has students whose work is unformed, problematic, and as a result more compelling than the resolved and predictable work in this show.



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