Thursday, November 11, 2010

DIY (Do It Yourself) @ The Dash Gallery

R.O.C. is runnin’ this art shit. Wardell Milan is runnin’ this art shit, Derrick Adams is runnin this art shit. Or at least curating the exhibition DIY (Do It Yourself). HOV has left him, but Dame Dash is back with the excellent Blackroc album and apparently a Tribeca gallery space, and you can ask White Columns, they don’t want it with Dash Gallery… Sorry, last Takeover reference, it’s out of my system. DIY is a smart show that seamlessly brings urbanism to contemporary art, and by urban I don’t mean black. I mean photographs of car crashes in New York City, paintings on subway maps, and a random blue police barricade. It is a well-done show, and from what I hear, Beanie Sigel’s comeback is going to start with him curating a summer show about how no one from State Property visited him in jail.

Through Oct. 23rd
The Dash Gallery (172 Duane St. Btw. Greenwich & Hudson Sts.)


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