Monday, October 25, 2010

Tim Berresheim, Future Gipsy Antifolklore (What?!) at Marc Jancou Contemporary

Someone likes their Photoshop?! (What?!) The show consists of photographic images of random stuff collaged together with the artistic depth of a Photoshop demo. People generally don’t understand the art of photography, but they do understand it is a technical medium that at times involves complex computer work. So we end up with shows that have nothing to do with art and everything to do with commerce. Say what you will about the Gagosian Gallery and their recent Marc Newson exhibition, but at least they have the gumption to just put on a show of luxury goods.

Marc Jancou Contemporary (524 W 24th St. Btw. 10th & 11th Aves.) through Oct. 25th


sandy said...

i actually agree ... i don't see any kind of art in this photo. when i first saw it i thought it might be one of those pictures that have meaning and if i kept staring at it i will understand .... but actually its nothing meaningful. if i have to say something about it to describe what i see then it could be a garbage bag that we can't even recognize what's in it. but maybe it is there to show important things that some people relay on which is money and cigarettes and credit cards .
one thing I am sure about is that is not suppose to be considered as art because it doesn't have any meaning that will help people.

Carl Gunhouse said...

hmm does art have to have a meaning that will necessarily help people?

Brendan Prouse said...

With increased familiarity and aptitude for Photoshop, it becomes easier to find mistakes or inconsistencies in others' works. In regards to the image above, after an initial realization that the work is, in fact, Photoshopped, the next thought is what's wrong with the image. The image has too many repeated individual objects, that could have easily been edited to not repeat at all.

Perhaps in order to properly appreciate artwork like this, the educated viewer must suspend their knowledge of the steps of the image's creation.

Carl Gunhouse said...

Clearly I'm not a fan of the work but I think it is safe to say he isn't trying to hide the photoshop work he has done in the picture.

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